Gifs on GitLab.com.

How to use

Post a note on an issue or merge request with a line starting with: @GifLab.

@GifLab mind blown

Up to a minute later GifLab will post a gif note!


Does it support private projects?

Not officially, this would require @GifLab to be added as a project member which would allow it to download code among other things. GifLab for private projects comes without warrenty of any kind.

Why does it take up to a minute to post the gif?

GifLab uses the GitLab Todos to track where to post a new Gif. GitLab does not support a webhook on user mention which would improve, improved speed is pending a GitLab-CE issue.

Are snippets supported?

No, not at this time, as a snippets do not implement todos.

Are epics supported?

No, posting notes on epics isn’t supported by the Go package GifLab uses yet. Which might be implemented in the future.